LESS, CSS preprocessor


I have been using LESS for a while now and recently I had to amend my friends code which was written in plain old fashioned CSS, and I realized just how much faster having a CSS preprocessor as part of my workflow has made me. SO MUCH FASTER.

If you have not already started using one I would strongly suggest looking into it. There are a few different ones out there, the most popular of which seem to be LESS or SCSS (formerly SASS)

Both allow you to create variables, nested variables, Mixins, Selector Inheritance and Functions & Operations with the main difference (that I can see) being that SCSS needs Ruby installed where as LESS does not.

SASS has Compass an open-source CSS Authoring Framework and LESS has Elements a basic set of LESS mixins to start your project.

I also use Crunch as an editor and to compile minified css. Oh and on a complete side note if you ever need to easier understand or work with messy, illegible css check out Processor, it will have your code looking amazingly pretty in no time.

Both have solid communities behind them so which ever you chose is up to you, but if you have not tried working with one before I would highly, highly recommend it!